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Let me handle all of the marketing for your solo small business for you...

If you want to spend your time doing what you do best and love (which is working with your existing clients) while having all of the marketing for your solo small business done for you, the Marketing for Solos Completely Done-For-You Marketing Services are for you!

Our Completely Done-For-You Marketing Services are perfect for the solo small business owner who wants to hire a marketing expert to get things done for them. My team and I can manage one piece of your marketing (such as creating the Comprehensive Workhorse Website™ for your solo business) or you can hire us to handle ALL of the marketing for your solo business (which is our Become #1 In Your Niche program) all depends on your budget and what you want to "farm out" versus handle on your own.

If you’re really good at what you do, but not very good at marketing your services or if your marketing efforts are not attracting ALL the clients you need, our Completely Done-For-You Marketing Services can change that. Let me and my team handle the marketing of your solo small business while you do what you do best, working with your existing clients and helping them succeed, while we get your marketing done-for-you!

Current Marketing for Solos completely Done-For-You Marketing Services:

  • Marketing Materials for Solos™ (Logo, Stationery, Brochure, Sales Materials)
  • Social Media Marketing for Solos™
  • SEO for Solos™
  • Marketing Driven, Workhorse Website™ Design
  • Become #1 In Your Niche™

In less than one year from the time we started with Jeanna, we have gone from 500 sales per month to over 3,000 sales per month! If you do the math that is an increase in business of 500% we are VERY happy we chose to work with Jeanna! I recommend her to everyone.

“I’ll be very honest. When Jeanna and I discussed working together for our marketing, I was a bit surprised with how much she charged. I thought, “Wow, that’s a lot and more than I ever thought or imagined.” I really had no idea what good marketing cost. We did not do a whole lot of marketing, but we knew we should. I really wanted to grow the business, so I decided to bite the bullet and take a chance.

Two things made me decide to say yes. One was all that Jeanna offered in her niche program and it was done for us, and two was the results she got her other clients.

I now fully understand why Jeanna charges what she does and it is worth it without a doubt! It is worth every penny and it doesn’t matter what she charges. I’m so glad I said yes! Here’s why I say this. Prior to working with Jeanna, here’s where our business was: We had a website, if you could call it that. But, it did not bring us any sales or any customers. In fact we did not get any business at all from our website!! All of our sales came from me picking up the phone and making personal sales calls and referrals from other customers. And me getting in my truck and visiting potential customers at their job sites.

We also were not really doing any other marketing than that. Heck, we were not really doing much marketing period. I had heard about Google, and used it to look for things online, but that was about the extent of my knowledge. We had maybe one or two customers in other areas of the country than Texas, but again, all of our business came from face to face meetings in our immediate local area.

Also, prior to Jeanna we were selling about 500 anchors per month. But, all of this completely changed when we signed up to be a client of Jeanna’s and have her handle all of our marketing for us. The results from her work were dramatic and almost instant and have blown up our business in a good way. We are having so much fun and making so much money, I love it! Our business growth and results achieved from Jeanna’s work is dramatic.

In less than one year from the time we started work with Jeanna, we have gone from 500 sales per month to over 3,000 sales per month! If you do the math that is an increase in business of over 500%!! If this keeps up, we are now on track to sell 4,000 to 5,000 anchors by next year. We are VERY happy we chose to work with Jeanna!

I could not have imagined these results. Also, last year alone we increased our business 1.2 million dollars all from the work Jeanna does for us! She does everything for our marketing and honestly, I don’t understand all of it, but who cares. It works and that is ALL that matters. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter what Jeanna charges, because it’s worth every penny and did not cost us a thing.

Another huge change is we now sell anchors nationwide and even global. That’s because our site is now ranked in Google and we get calls from all around the USA and the world. We have sold anchors to folks in Wyoming, Pennsylvania and everywhere in between. We just sold anchors to a company in Slovakia! They found us in Google and picked up the phone to order. No sales pitch or convincing, orders are coming in every single day, all from our website and the marketing Jeanna does for us. Jeanna sends us reports each month and we can see that we take up 5, 6, 7 and more spots on the first page of Google for all of the terms related to our niche and industry and all of the other marketing she does for us too, keeps the phones ringing.

When Jeanna and I first talked, she mentioned “becoming #1 in your niche” I didn’t really understand that at first, but now I see what she means! We are number one for steel safety anchors for the oil and gas industry. We are doing great and having a hell of a time at it! We’re almost selling more anchors than we can make. What a great problem to have and I’ve never been happier in business. I’m obviously a huge fan of Jeanna’s. I recommend that you hire her for your marketing too. I recommend her to everyone. And don’t worry about the cost, because it will more than pay for itself in very short order!”

Buddy McDonald
Founder and Owner, Bulldog Safety Anchors
Odessa, Texas

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